Modern E-commerce Design

Comrogen is built on HTML5 and CSS 3.1 so it works on many platforms including: mobile, tablet, desktop, smart tv, and other internet enabled media devices. The design methodology includes responsive HTML so you don’t need to maintain multiple versions of your website to serve different platforms.

Comrogen has bespoke user interfaces that adapt to your visitor's browsers and devices; It’s one of the very few e-commerce system that has all of the features available to all of platforms. You can browse the website, make purchases, manage the admin, and maintain the website from your mobile phone or tablet just as effectively as you can from a desktop computer.

Comrogen supports many popular e-commerce concepts such as attributes, filtering, one page checkout, spell correction, price levels, and more; these can be customized completely using our Display Provider system so you can fully control every aspect of your store will look and feel.


Modern E-commerce Design
Advanced B2B & B2C Features
Advanced B2B & B2C Features

Comrogen is designed to cater to both B2B and B2C deployments. Comrogen uses a fully definable User Permissions system that allows you to delegate admin access and rights; it also includes a customer level access system which allows you to define customer level pricing, product access, and taxation rules. Furthermore, for B2B you can set purchase limits, minimum order quantities, payment methods, purchase penalties, and also manage open orders and credit limits.

B2B customer management can be further expanded with custom plugins that allow you to set custom order statuses and back-office integrations. You can create product and pricing inventory and availability feeds for your B2B customers that can be made available via XML, CSV, SOAP, JSON and other popular methodologies. Pricing, availability, and other settings may be set per B2B user, it is also possible to set the website so that only authenticated B2B customers can visit and make purchases.

Comrogen supports multiple warehouses and inventories, using B2B access controls you can set regional, wholesale level, or any other qualified access to your inventories and assign these per B2B user as needed.

Many of these B2B concepts can also be utilized in B2C operations which allows you maximum flexibility in store setup.

Powerful Administration

A complete web based administration allows you to manage your business operations from any web enabled browser including mobile, tablet and desktop. Comrogen includes complete management of products, categories, customers, orders, reports, as well as tools to help your site grow such as Google/Bing/Yahoo compliant sitemap generator, and an URL redirect repository.

Unique to software in its class, Comrogen has a full user rights management engine that allows you to tailor permissions and roles based on your users as well as for outside consultants where you may want to restrict access. A good example of this: SEO experts who may need to access search engine meta tags, but should not be able to access customer records or edit inventory. 

You can automate routine tasks such as rebuild categories, search strings, or tune your indexes for maximum performance. You can setup a schedule to have your database automatically backed up, all form the web based administration.

The administration system has complete support for multi-language and currency, just like the front-end, you can manage both content and management tools in the locale of your choice. Comrogen will remember these settings per administration user.

Lastly, Comrogen does not have user limits, you can have one or a hundred admin users all logged in at the same time.

Powerful Administration
Marketing & SEO
Marketing & SEO

Comrogen supports many of today’s SEO guidelines and recommendations to help you achieve the highest possible organic search rankings. With our optimized design templates and interfaces to our specialized output rendering engine, you can be sure that your site will render swiftly and be compliant with all modern SEO guidelines.

Starting from complete control of search engine meta tags (keywords, title and description), search engine friendly URLs, to JSON-LD (microdata) Comrogen will ensure that search engines get a clear picture of your products, categories and website content. Comrogen also supports Javascript & Css minification and unification to decrease page loading speed and Improve Google Page Rank. Furthermore, many SEO techniques such as lazy loading (images & media) and content-above-the-fold are used so that mobile, tablet and desktop browsers load pages without delay.

Comrogen’s Email and CRM system allows you to maintain relationships with your customers and data mine for trends and opportunities that would otherwise be lost. Support for event based marketing can help you acquire customers with cart abandonment reminder emails, custom quotes, wish lists and gift registries, and a fully definable awards system to incentivizes repeat business. Of course, you have access to a full suite of promotional tools with a coupon and discount system that is expandable with plugin components to create custom marketing and promotion logic.

Scaleable Plugin Architecture

Flexibility is crucial in modern ecommerce platforms, stores need to utilize technology to address business needs that may not be available out-of-the-box. Comrogen’s plugin system makes adding new features and functionality extremely easy and intuitive by eliminating the need to modify core source and making sure upgrades to newer version do not break plug-in functionality. 

The plugin system works at three levels: web services (api), back-end, and front-end. This means you can create plug-ins that work at the customer facing side (website e.g. Google Analytics), or have plug-ins that work mostly for administration related tasks (such as integration with Quickbooks). Plugins may also work at the automation level such as daily synchronization with a point-of-sale system (web services) to ensure accurate pricing and inventory).

Plugins may also utilize core system components such as the import/export Data Exchange System where you can download plugin information (csv/xml/json) and the Permissions System where access to plugin functionality may be restricted to qualified roles.

Maintaining and managing plugins is a breeze, they can installed from the admin console and uninstalled without requirng any development just as if you were installing an app on a smartphone.

Scaleable Plug-in Architecture
Restful Web API

Comrogen’s API allows third party applications to communicate and perform updates to and from your website. Comrogen’s API is based on the RESTful design, this methodology is one of the simplest yet most powerful methods of communicating information on the internet; think of it as a web site made to talk to other websites and applications.

Comrogen’s RESTful Api supports responses in JSON and XML, it also supports updates via HTTP POST, PUT, PATCH, and other HTTP Methods used in REST. The API makes integration a breeze with third party applications that also rely on a REST method of communication; but is flexible enough that it can adapt to other communication methods such as SOAP.

Comrogen’s API is dynamic and expandable; as you expand your system with plugins, the API will gain new rules and outputs that allow it to handle new operations. E.g.. the eBay plugin (coming soon) grants the system abilities to communicate with eBay to synchronize order, inventory, shipping, and customer information. These new options are added automatically when you install the plugin, the API does not need to be modified or re-compiled which means your source code remains intact. The API may be managed by the Comrogen administration site, where admins can set permissions, automate tasks, and configure notifications of operations and task completions.